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The Ongoing adventures of Geeks in their World's Journal
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Wednesday, September 20th, 2006
8:23 am

Day 9

Saturday September 24th, 2064


Once back at the “board room” Jay post a guard – Jeff – at the doorway created by Oats and investigates the door opposite the new entrance as Oats and Michael go back to investigate a box that seemed to bear military markings. Oats and Jay unbury the box and once Jay found a piece of metal suitable for Oats to use as a pry bar tells Oats where to open the crate. After a bit of effort Oats pops open the crate and removes the packing material to reveal a brand new military grade cyber-arm. Everyone is a bit taken aback by what they see; especially Jay. After some internal struggle Jay picks up a piece of thin packing foam, wraps the arm up and after asking Michael reorganizes the stuff in his trunk in order to tuck the arm in and semi hide it. After restacking the crates and stacking the boards up to make it look like they weren’t disturbed the crew heads back to the surface. Jay guides them to a freight elevator that their client had mentioned and herds the crew inside. After rising a few floors the doors open to reveal yet another mall service corridor. Jay leads them left out of the elevator and into the mall proper and out into a class covered “open air” mall and then out onto the street back to the Monk. Everyone loads into the back as Jay checks in with dispatch. With no calls in the que the group drives to Molly’s Balls. On a private channel Jay tells Michael to take the arm out of his trunk. Micheal tucks it into a bench compartment before he and Oats head into the bar. Drinking, food and pool ensues. Jay cleans up at the table and hands off his que to Oats. Michael gets the tall wheeled chair and sets up a new game with Oats. Jay announces that its payday and hands out pay stubs to everyone.


With the shift over Jay invites everyone to stay a bit and have a drink or two. The morning wears on and around nine o’clock everyone decides to call it a night/morning. Most of the crew decides to take cabs home but unfortunately due to the long wait time for a lift equipped cab Michael decides to drive the fifteen minutes home. Unfortunately for him he must have drunk slightly more than he thought because on the drive home Michael dozes off and wakes up with a start assuming that he missed his turn and just barely recovers in time from the wall he nearly turns into.

Meanwhile on his way home Oats gets stopped at a Meta checkpoint, shackled to the wall and frisked by the attending Imperial guards. After a half hour of indignity Oats is finally free to go on his way. Once at home Oats calls Shenyala and tells her all about the last couple of days and his latest run in with the Imperials. They talk about getting Oats a place to live inside the San Francisco are. After a long conversation she tells him that there is something that she needs to take care of up north with regards to the redwoods and wouldn’t be able to talk as frequently. She tells him that she’ll send him a list o addresses and descriptions of some spaces he could check out. After scaring the living crud out of the desk clerk at the front door Oats gets the information that Shenyala sends to him.  


Michael blinks as his alarm wakes him up after only 3 hours, mixes up a wickedly strong cup of instacaff and gets on the road in order to meet Hack before he leaves at one o’clock.

As Michael is dragging his carcass out of bed and into his van Jeff’s phone rings waking him up. As he answers, Hack tells him that one of the day shift has gone home sick and that he could use Jeff in to cover off the last few hours of his shift. He agrees and pours himself into his car, hits the autonav controls and heads off to the shop.

8:20 am

Day 8

Friday September 24th, 2064


Jay leads the way down the ally followed by Jeff, Michael and Oats pulling up the rear with the stretcher. The ally is lined with storefronts, stalls and booths selling all sorts of unimaginable things. The farther down the ally that they go the less and less legal the goods seem. Even farther down the ally it turns into what you would expect from a back ally in a downtown center – garbage, bags, dumpsters, etc. At the end of the ally there is a fire door that is sitting slightly ajar. Jay pulls open the door to reveal a long hallway reminiscent of an enclosed ally with many doors opening into it. At the end of this hall there is yet another fire door that opens into a cement filled metal stairwell with steps leading up and down. Jay – after consulting his palmtop leads the group down. Oats lifts Michael and his wheelchair easily down. This flight of stairs opens into another hallway similar to the one above and branches in an irregular “Y”. Taking the right hand path the group walks past a number of different closets and a set of public washrooms to a door that opens into a brightly lit mall food court. The scents of the food is too much for Oats to handle. Leaving the group he makes a beeline for the nearest booth where he tries to get the man (who only seems to speak Chinese) to serve him an order of sweet and sour pork. As the group gets farther and farther away the shopkeeper seems to take his time getting the troll sized order filled. After he pays Oats jogs to catch up with the rest of the group. On the other side of the food court the group has stopped in front of an other service hallway that has a security booth covering half the entrance. After a large amount of back and forth and much showing of ID – and a surreptitious bribe to the security guard – the group moves down the hallway. After traveling down a ways the hallway turns from the finished look of the mall and into the standard bare cement of a service corridor. The hallway widens out until the corridor splits off into a ramp heading up and one heading down. Jay tries to contact M2 and is unable to connect to anyone. After consulting his palmtop again he turns to the group and announces that this must be part of the M.C.T. arcology that has been shut down and somewhat absorbed into the surrounding city. Oats and Michael are going to head up, Jay and Jeff is going to head down. Jay starts scetching out the floorplan of the building on the wall and describes the patient before the group breaks up and starts searching. Jeff and Jay head down through what seems to be the convergence of a number of different buildings pas a number of heavy metal doors from which the sound of heavy machinery. Oats and Michael walk through a hallway lined with a number of roll top doors. One of which seems to have been removed and replaced with a number of highly compressed wood panels screwed to the metal frame. Michael tries to scan through the door but has little success – he can tell that there are boxes but not much detail. After consulting with Jay – perhaps a little bit too much – Michael tells Oats to remove one of the boards to get a good look inside. There are a number of shipping crates that are in various states of being opened and such. A path leads through the detritus from a fire door across the large room and disappears into the gloom.

Meanwhile, Jay and Jeff continue down the service corridor and end up heading towards  what sounds like an active mall area. They head deep inside what seems like the physical plant of the building that they are in and come to the end of the hallway. There is a door to the right that seems dark and a door straight ahead that seems to have a light on in it but a piece of cardboard taped to the inside of the window. Jay pushes to door at the end open revealing a card table set up in the middle with five Chinese men sitting around it – one of which seems to be an Orc - playing cards. After the moment of shock wears off the men around the table start chattering at each other. One of them stands and in broken English looks at Jay and says 

“So, look what the wind and blown into the spider’s web!”

Jay turns his head slightly so that he can talk to Jeff behind him.

“Turn around, I think there’s someone behind us.”

Jeff turns around and sees a very large, very tattooed Chinese man standing in the hallway staring at the two of them in the doorway.

Back in the small warehouse area, Michael tells Oats to remove the remaining boards then heads into the room. Just inside the door there is a small two by two by four foot crate that seems to be made of good, solid, clear wood that seems to be Japanese maple. Oats opens it up, clears the packing peanuts and foam sheets from around something that looks sort of like a very large transmission. Further down into the gloom at the end of the room there in another door that leads in the direction of the patient’s general location. As they clean up the peanuts that they spilled out over the floor a call comes in from Jay


Oats ducks out through the hole in the door and starts running back down towards the ramp where the team broke off. Michael can only just keep up to Oats seeing as he is able to travel at 11 meters/second (39.6 km/hr). They come barreling around the last corner and as Oats bears down on the man standing in front of Jeff, Jeff is noticeably distracted and alerts the man in front of him who whirls around into a defensive stance. He realizes what it is that’s bearing down on him and bounces back into the darkened doorway to the right. The other men in the area get a look at Oats and seem to think that they all have important engagements elsewhere. The group proceeds through the room and on past another hallway that sounds like there is a club down the way. Farther down there is a figure seated on a box smoking a cigarette. As jay walks up to him he stands.

“Mad Medic?” he asks.

Jay “Yup.”

“Hmmm…well, it took you a little longer than I thought but on the whole, pretty good.”

It turns out that he was just testing what the response time just in case he needed the services. Jay grumbles and asks for the breach of contract fees.

The group heads back up to the “board room”.

8:15 am

Day 7

Friday September 24th, 2064



Coffee is cooling on the table. Round three is currently on the table when the night shift dispatcher calls and tells the crew that there is a client that has just been hit by a car. As Michael gets the Monk rolling Jay asks Michael if he has a weak stomach and shows him some hijacked security cam footage of the accident scene. It shows a crumpled car, a smear and a crumpled mass under the car – that might have been organic -  surrounded by a quickly spreading dark pool. After a rather erratic ride the buss starts to get close. Jay assigns Sage as team lead on the ground, both medics and Oats are told to deploy on the bounce while Michael is told to keep everything ready to go at a moments notice. Once on the ground they find a car that has been bent into a “V” shape with the point resting up against two parked cars. The drivers side rear wheel has almost disappeared underneath the crumpled mass – this pile of twisted metal is what is resting on the midsection of the client. Sage tells Oats to slowly lift the car. Oats starts to lift the car, catches a look at the patient and promptly drops the car. Jay had stepped up to try and help Oats and finds himself suddenly holding the car…all of it.


Oats: “Ok, I lift da car. I lift lotsa cars chummer!”

Sage: “Alright, now slowly lift.”

Oats: “Okay” ~lifts~


As Oats lifts the car the body starts to lift with it. A few inches off the ground the body slides off of whatever it was stuck on and lands with a wet, meaty thwap back on the blood soaked ground.

Oats: “Oh…That’s not ok…That’s not ok!” ~drops car~

Jay manages to catch the car before it falls back onto the client.

Jay: “OATS!!!!”

Oats: “Okay, I good…” Oats gets another hold on the car

Once Jay and Oats move the car off of the patient, Tony and Jeff start working on the patient. He is in bad shape – really bad shape. The car has literally opened the guy’s chest wide open. Jeff starts to work and things start going from bad to worse – he makes a flurry of activity and actually manages to stabilize him to the point where the patient might be able to life for the next few minutes. He grabs Tony and uses his hands as clamps in the critical places. Sage walks over to Jeff and takes a look at the patent: 

Sage: “That can’t fit on a stretcher. Not in it’s…current configuration”

Jeff: “He’s still the patient Sage.”

Sage: “Uh huh. We’re going to need the tent.”

He opens a door on the side of the Monk and pulls out a large, long rectangular object with a pistol grip on one end. He extends what looks like a folding rifle stock, braces the device at about a 45 degree angle and pulls the trigger. A small dome tent fires out of the end and erects it’s self over the patient, Jeff and Tony while still being attached to the side of the Monk for access to the medical equipment and lighting. Sage walks over to the head of the patient, kneels down and closed his eyes. As he stretches his hands out over the patient’s chest a blue glow starts to surround the patient on the ground. He starts to fold things back to where they used to be; tissue starts to regain a healthy pick tinge, bleeding slows noticeably and Sage slumps over unconscious. Jeff tells Tony to take a look at Sage as he starts prepping the patient for travel and starts treating him for infection. Behind him Tony gasps and tells him that Sage isn’t okay, that he might be burnt. He tells Tony to help him get the patient onto the stretcher and get him loaded into the Monk. After the patient is secured he turns back to Sage. Sage looks like he was hit by fine bolts of lightning as there is a lattice of burns covering the exposed skin on his face and he is contorted in what looks like the middle of a convultion. Jeff tries to treat him but it doesn’t seem to do much good. Jeff and Jay load him onto a stretcher and load him in. As Jay gets into the front seat he tells Michael to head for the nearest hospital as the client has a hospital ticket. At the hospital Jeff delivers the patient into the ER and fills out the necessary paperwork. Jeff gets back into the Monk and as they head back to the M2 base Jay calls Hack and fills him in on Sage’s situation. Hack meets the crew at the shop and as they tuck Sage into a hospital room upstairs Michael runs a cool-down diagnostic on the Monk while Oats paces back and forth in the alley trying desperately to not think about the wet smack that the body made as it dropped from the undercarriage of the car and not be violently ill. Oats manages to get himself under control, lifts Michael out of the truck and they both head into the shop just as Jay and Jeff exit and head towards the car. Jay tells everyone that they need to get back on the road to make a report to the Imperials and that they are going to be using the Monk. Michael is loaded back into the Monk and they head out to Jay’s co-ordinates.


They arrive at the Imperial outpost and Jay turn to the team to tell them that Michael should stay in the truck with Oats and would be kept in contact through the com-links. As Jay and Jeff step towards the glass doors the two Japanese soldiers at guard train their weapons on them and ask them to state their business. Jay explains that they were there to give a report on the night’s incident and that they were from Mad Medic Inc. The two of them are ushered inside and towards a small partitioned of area with a desk and two chairs. A man in a military uniform but with a banker’s disposition starts flipping through a file that contains a collection of stills taken from the security camera across from the accident scene. The Imperial finishes “reviewing” the file and starts questioning Jeff about the patient’s employment and that they require Mad Medic’s records regarding this patient. Jay starts reciting the company’s policy regarding privacy and the suit ignores him completely and only deals with Jeff. Jeff recites the policy and the suit cuts him off and asks for Jay’s identification cards and work permits. After swiping them through he starts flipping back through the pictures and explains that the license plate on the car that hit the patient is registered to an “Italian organization” and that this is now a criminal investigation. He then points to another picture in which Oats is lifting the car and demands his paperwork. Jay produces it and as the Imp is scanning it into his system an armed guard steps up behind Jay. A call comes in from Hack as all of this is going on. Apparently there is a signal that has just come in from an “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” type of device. The Imp tries to get them to give out the address of the patient and Jeff tries to stall him. After Jeff tells him that he is at the hospital the Imp tells him that they have to be back in four days. Once back in the Monk Jay lets out a resounding “Fuck!” and calls Hack to get the co-ordinates of the medic-call bracelet. The call is to Pacifica - a downtown area out on the San Fransisco peninsula. 


The drive in to Pacifica is almost surreal as it is almost a post card image of American suburbia; white picket fences, green mown lawns and small neat houses. Farther in to the downtown core of Pacifica it looks more and more like downtown Hong Kong and less like a Norman Rockwell painting. Pulling into a closed Stuffer Shack parking lot, Jay jumps out of the front seat and into the back of the Monk where he starts pulling up a map display and starts describing the team’s route into the area where the client is. Jay suggests that Michael should come with them seeing as the sensor package on his chair.

8:14 am

Day 6

Michael spends the day tweaking with his drone and manages to get it patched back to a lvl 3 sensor rating. Oats sleeps…then eats. Then calls Shenyala. He gets her answering machine and leaves a long detailed message – multiple messages – with all of his adventures to date. Jeff has a run, a revoltingly healthy meal of real food then heads off to work.

The day shift seems to have had a slow evening. The trucks are all stocked and the teams are both up in the lounge. The night shift comes in and sits down to watch the shlock that passes for TV. Oats heads across the street to pick up a couple of subs (from the small philipino fella) and on his way back he runs into Jay. Upon arriving in the lounge Jay announces that he wants to go grab a bite and both teams pack up into the trucks. Jay comes up to Michael’s truck and mentions that since the place they are going isn’t very accessible so that for all ease they all get into the Monk so that Michael can have his chair with him. Everyone piles out to the Monk and Oats loads Mike and his chair into the back. Sage asks if Mike wants to drive so he jacks in and introduces himself to his new surroundings. All of the rigger gear is fully functional but it seems that there was at one point – or has been designed for – a remote control rig. Mostly it feels as big but not as graceless as it looks. Once inside and driving he finds out why they keep it around – it is a wonderful, sturdy, reliable piece of machinery. Sage taps out their destination’s co-ordinates and they head off towards Brisbaine about twenty minutes away. The restaurant they end up at is a small diner that is a strange combination of a family restaurant and a smoky pub called Verandas and Mike manages to find enough empty parking spaces to park the Monk in. Inside it seems like the diner is built to be Meta friendly. They are seated in a corner booth and happen to be away from the majority of people. After their meals were ordered Jay mentions that the reason he was a little late was that he had been checking in with a contact of his. As it turns out the snitch at Molly’s was telling the truth and Aries as well as a number of the larger corps. are in fact handing out resources to groups fighting the Imperials. Oats chews on his cutlery.

Jay breaks out a deck of cards and starts dealing out a poker variant with everyone as they finish their meals. Time is passed. Cards are played. Coffee is drunk.

8:10 am

Day 5

After both teams admit their patients to the local hospital (as per each of their contracts with Mad Medic) they each return to the M2 shop to clean and restock the trucks. Michael goes back to his truck to inspect the damage to his drone. As it turns out the drone’s sensor package was hit reducing its rating from 5 to 2. After clearing up the mess, Jay calls everyone into the M2 office and tells them that he needs to go get his shoulder fixed. Both teams drive south towards Millbray a middle class human suburb of San Fransisco. They drive through the town into a light commercial area where Jay stops and goes into what looks like an abandoned shipping dock. The trucks are secured and Oats carries Michael in through the door behind the rest of the group. A sign on the wall proclaims this place as Molly’s Balls a pub and pool hall. The population is mostly meta-humans and other people deemed “unsavory” by imperial standards. Molly is a large male orc behind the bar and there is a large group of dwarves around a long table. Jay guides the group to a pool table and starts up a game with Jeff. The crew places their orders and while their food is being prepared Tony recounts the fight that Oats had with the Gangers. After the tale, Oats is the only one who realizes that Sage is the only one who isn’t at the table. Oats walks over to the darkened corner where Sage is sitting alone at a table. After he refuses an offer from Oats to get him food or beer, Oats walks back to the rest of the group. Food arrives and is consumed. Afterwards Jay whispers something to Tony who scampers off. Michael asks Jay about who to go to about replacing his sensor package. Tony arrives with a wheeled office chair and Jay offers Michael a game of pool. Using Oats for locomotion Michael plays a game with Jay who easily wins. Handing the cue to Jeff he wanders off as a new game starts. After Michael and Jeff’s game Jay and Sage wander up with a small rat-faced man who starts spouting off that Aires is handing guns out to anyone who wants to shoot Imperials. Both Jay and Sage seem skeptical as to the truth of the rumors but the rat wouldn’t elaborate on his source. The general consensus is that as nice as it would be to take on the Imps not enough of the factions would be able to come together under a united banner to really make a difference. Sage and Jay start a game of pool.

Friday September 24th, 2064

Still at Molly’s Balls a call comes in. Apparently one of their clients has called in complaining of a major pain in his head after a night of drinking. He says that usually his hangovers don’t last this long and he thinks he might have broken something. Sage gets the nod to take the call from Jay and he hands the cue off to Jeff as he and Oats head off north into Oakland. They arrive at the address and Oats leads the crew up to the second floor followed by Sage with Tony at the rear. Sage knocks on the door and hears the door being unlocked. Sage takes a cautious look inside, locates the patient and finds that he is alone in the apartment. Sage asks Oats to look after the truck while Sage and Tony take care of the patient. A while later Sage comes down to the truck to pick up some gear from the back of the truck. He explains to Oats that the patient somehow managed to crack his skull and he and Tony is going to treat him in the apartment. Two hours go by. Every hour they check in with Oats who is as bored as only a troll can get and really, really hungry. Around six am four youths (yoots) dressed in what looks like gang colours wander over to the truck and two of them start hassling Oats who simply ignores them until the other two start wandering around towards the back. Oats starts to get a bit more aggressive as he orders the two of them who were trying to jimmy the back lock to go home. He radios Sage who informs him that they are almost done and would be coming back down. Sage and Tony finish up at around 0630 and seeing as it is almost quitting time anyhow arrange to drop Oats off at his hotel.

Nearing 0700hrs the teams reconvene (without Oats) at M2 and complete the changeover with the day shift.

Monday, September 18th, 2006
2:37 pm
Ok...I'll give you two today.

Day 4

Meanwhile, Jay and Jeff move on to a second hobo fire and repeats his questioning of the people gathered there. Unfortunately the only responses that he gets are in some sort of Asiatic languages. Moving on they come across a tattered shelter in a small copse of trees surrounded in piles of general refuse. Jay calls out to the man in the center of the camp and after receiving no response proceeds inwards. As Jay crosses through the outer perimeter of trash the squatter in the center stands bolt upright and takes a run directly at Jay. Jeff ducks behind Jay as Jay plants his feet and squares himself to the oncoming hobo. The runner literally bounces off of Jay and lays on the ground sputtering and shouting gibberish. Michael’s surveillance drone arrives on site and Michael locks up the truck and dives into the drone. After taking a quick scout about the park he spots an individual standing by a statue that seems to have more metal than meat in him. Farther to the west end of the park he notices a very large, very bright (on infravision) humanoid making a very purposeful search. Jay and Jeff wait out the search on a park bench in the middle of the park towards the western end. Near a crossroads in the center west end of the park Michael notices a shape in a very large oak tree. Michael directs the ground team towards that target while maintaining a visual on the cold runner that has started to move purposefully westward. Unfortunately between one pass and the next the target in the tree disappears from Michael’s sensors. After two failed passes with the drone, Jay and Jeff make it to the base of the tree where Jay spots the target – now very cold – wedged into a crevice eight feet up in the tree. Standing on Jay’s shoulders Jeff takes a couple of shots at getting the patient out of the tree. Finally, Jeff gets the patient out of the tree and down on the ground where he starts to stabilize him for transport. Once Jeff has finished, he picks up the unconscious patient and he and Jay start out towards the north edge of the park while Michael drives the truck around from the south side of the park to meet them. Unfortunately as the team converges on the north side of the park, the cold runner gets a clear line of sight to the trio on the ground. A shot rings out and Jay falls forward onto Jeff and the patient as he takes a bullet to the shoulder. Trying to dazzle the shooter, Michael shines his drone’s spotlight on the shooter who is shocked for a moment before taking a shot at the drone, the bullet ripping through the lower section of the sensor housing. Michael parks the truck and jumps into the drone to avoid further damage starts flying an erratic path around the area. Another shot rings off the drone’s casing as Jeff and Jay get into the back of the truck. The drone is instructed to fly back to the van while Team 1 drives back to the shop. On the way their route takes them through a highway underpass that has been partially blocked off with garbage and debris. Michael decides to take the risk, slows down and tries to drive between the piles. He misses all the debris on both sides but fails to notice the hobo crossing the road just the other side of the debris. He bounces off the side corner of the truck and spins off to the side of the road.

Michael: “Crap…hobo…uhhh Jay, do we stop to help the collateral damage?

Jay: “Just switch the paint and go”

Michael: “Umm…but…”

Jay: “Switch paint and go!”

The rest of the trip is uneventful and the Team makes it back to the shop safely at 2030hrs.

2:31 pm

Day 3"



James arrives and takes over the truck from the last shift and starts reorganizing the back of the bus.

1910hrs – First call of the night to Golden Gate Park

The teams load out in the same team setup as before and head towards the target area of Golden Gate park – a.k.a. the Toxic Garden. The patient has gone to ground with multiple stab wounds, and poisoning. There is currently a group of unknown numbers looking for him. When halfway to the Park another priority call comes in. Apparently a fellow in the Mission District irritated a local gang. Team 2 breaks off to go deal with the second call while Team 3 continues on to the Garden. Michael parks on the edge of the park and waits while Jay and Jeff exits. After Michael secures the Van and engages its stand alone protocols he jacks into his surveillance drone – a small roto-drone equipped with a high level sensor package as well as a 2km range laser mike. Jay and Jeff head straight towards the small lake near where the patient called in from. Dusk starts to fall as Jay and Jeff head into the park. Breaking though the perimeter of decretive trees they start toward a cluster of fires in the distance that marks one of the many hobo camps. Picking towards the fires though piles of refuse of various size they arrive at the first large fire. Jay starts questioning one of the vagrants who is cooking some sort of simulated –poorly simulated- baked beans.

Meanwhile Sage and Team 3 is roaring towards the second call. Once at the scene, Sage and Oats jump out and tell Tony to stay in the truck. Crossing the street to the alley Oats hears some noise coming from an alley farther up the street that sounds like it could be their patient. Sage points down the alley as he passes the entrance and shouts to Oats “See the guy with the blue hair? Save him!”. Down the alley is a group of five gangers kicking the crap out of someone. Oats charges down into the alley and bellows at the group. Two of them look up as the 10’7” 3/4ton troll that is Oats closes in on them and starts swinging. He runs up to the group, reaches around the first ganger and tries to grab one ganger in each of his free hands. He manages to grab both of them and smacks them together above the first one’s head. With the sound of two metallic coconuts bashing together they both go down, the one on the left takes out the smaller first one. Oats shouts at the two remaining guys to “gets their friends and gets outta here”. The small one under the two unconscious guys tries to make a break for it through Oats’ legs while the two standing gangers square up. Oats grabs the scrambling ganger by the hips and tosses him at one of the others who easily sidestepped the throw in a martial-arts-master style that flows into a round kick at Oats while projectile ganger strikes the chain-link fence at the end of the alley and ends up hanging from the top of the fence by his collar. Oats steps up and throws a punch over top of his kick [ed. Damn trolls have reach!] that knocks him back into the corner of the alley. The last standing ganger comes at Oats with a length of rusty chain-link fence post. Coming in low to the ground the martial artist fakes a punch to the jaw and uppercuts Oats square in the troll-ish goods. Unfortunately for Oats his armored jacket doesn’t quite reach down that far. He lets out a high-pitched – for a troll - squeal of pain and lunges towards the ganger with the pipe. Pipe Boy lands a glancing hit on Oats’ forearm that prevents Oats from reaching him. In a flurry of punches and kicks the Ninja Ganger stuns Oats for a moment then lands another hit. Oats grabs Pipe Boy and using him as a human club launches an attack on Ninja Ganger who just manages to block the shot. Pipe Boy glances off Ninja Ganger and piles into the alley wall face first with all the force a troll can muster. Oats turns slightly to face the now freed Fence Guy who has decided to pull two knives and backhands him square into the opposite wall leaving only Ninja Ganger still standing. Oats picks up one of the first gangers he knocked down by the back of the pants and side arms him at Nina Ganger who – like some Shadowrun Neo – just barley dodges the screaming projectile. Grabbing hold of the last ganger that he has been straddling he tosses his final unconscious missile at Ninja Ganger and manages to catch him full in the chest. Looking quite stunned Ninja ganger pushes himself free of his comatose partner in crime and launches himself at Oats’ head in a flying kick. Oats steps to the side, picks up Knife Boy and tries to use him to block the incoming kick and misses. Ninja Ganger slams into Oats’ chest, hits the impact armor and slides harmlessly down onto his back at Oats’ feet where Oats promptly stomps on his chest. Bits of his chest cave in with the strange sound of alloyed metal failing. Oats tosses Knife Boy casually over the fence at the rear of the alley. Walking over to the Blue haired patent Oats picks up the patent gingerly and walks back down the alley where Sage meets him halfway and starts madly slapping on stimpatches and other assorted life saving equipment to the limp patient. As Sage attends to the patient Oats loots the bodies finding nothing more than pocket change and two credsticks – one with ¥50 and the other with ¥80. When the patient is as stabilized as much as possible they all get back into the truck – which now looks exactly like the city’s local ambulance contractor – and head off back to the M2 building. 

Thursday, July 13th, 2006
8:52 am

Day Two - Wednesday September 22nd, 2064 


The team pulls back into the M2 office at 2100hrs. The patient gets transported upstairs to the extended care facility on the third and fourth floors. Sage and Jeff discuss the medical procedures while Jay tries to teach Oats some basic martial arts moves. In the back of the garage, the shop’s mechanic Donny is working late on some personal project. Michael and he talk shop for a while until Jay and Oats finish up their class. Everyone retires to the lounge upstairs to study.


Jay walks into the lounge and asks if anyone wanted breakfast; Sage looks shocked and refuses with a look of disgust. All pile into the Monk – a pre-awakening fire truck that has been converted into an ambulance – and head off to Humpty’s Family Restaurant.


Over coffee Jay explains why Sage so adamantly refused to join the group. The reason why we were all hired was that the crews that we are replacing were all killed on duty. An RPG exploded between the two Team's Trucks destroying them and most of the crew. One of the people killed was Sage’s girlfriend and the only reason he wasn't in the truck with her was because he was off work sick at the time. s this event happened quite recently Sage is still suffering the pain of her loss and a tremendous amount of survivor guilt. Over breakfast the crew swaps war stories and starts to get to know one another. Into the meal the conversation gradually shifts from pleasant conversation to the general dissatisfaction/hatred with the current Imperial rule under Protector General Saito. The shift ends without a hitch and everyone heads home to prepare for the next night's shift..

Wednesday, July 5th, 2006
8:33 am
Well, I posted it!

Feel free to add things that I missed/forgot as I'm sure that there were some of the finer points of the game last night that I might not have captured.

8:12 am
Mad Medic - the Beginning

The Players


Jeff – Paramedic
Othello (Oats) – Troll Bruiser
Michael – Paraplegic Rigger


NPCs and Team Roster

Team 2 

Sage – Team Lead and Driver
Tony – Medic
Oats – Guard

Team 3

Jay – Lead and guard for Team 3
Jeff – Medic
Michael – Driver

Doug Hack – Owner of Mad Medic
Janine – Receptionist


There are a number of job openings posted for a small company known as Mad Medic. This small outfit provides EMS to people in “high risk” jobs of questionable legality.

Day One - Wednesday September 22nd, 2064

Each one of are parties go through an intake interview with the owner Hack and are hired. They are told to start that same day for the night shift. At seven that evening the party gathers at the M2 office and meets the day shift heading off shift. Seven o’clock hits and their first shift begins.


As Michael jacks into the truck for the first time he finds out that there is more to the trucks than meets the eye lots of military equiptment that isn't quite legal for civilian use...

Team 3 follows 2 to the first call of the night, a G.S.W. call to a high rise tower in  the financial district. The party readies the medical gear and enters the lobby of the building while Michael stays in the truck and readies his surveillance drone remotely - just in case.

Once inside and on the 4th floor the crew finds a cube farm. Jay disappears to do some scouting and once he returns he tells them all split up and silently head towards the four corners of the floor. Oats immediately gets confused (rolls double ones on his perception check) and is convinced that he has heard something back towards the elevators. He starts back towards the elevator while calling for Jay as quietly as only a ten foot tall Troll can. A shooter is spotted taking aim at the corner Sage and Jeff are heading towards. Oats charges over to him and as the shooter jumps up off the desk he was kneeling on Oats picks him out of the air and throws him to the ground. He firmly but gently (for a troll of toaster-like inteligence) disarms him. The Patient is located and Jeff administers the medical treatment while Oats interrogates the shooter at arms length some feet above the ground. The Shooter starts babbling incoherently then quietly wets his pants. Quote of the night: Oats,  "That gross chummer!" ~shakes the now soggy, weeping Shooter~.  The patient gets transported downstairs – Oats carries the shooter down in another elevator and places him in the corner of the Lobby.

 Once on the ground floor, Jay slips something to the security guard then the crew heads back to the van. Jay tells Trevor to take the drive the first truck and jumps into Michael’s truck with sage and Jeff; Oats stays with Tony. Both vehicles head back to M2 with Trevor leading. On the way back Sage goes over the standard patient procedures with Jeff.

Return to M2 at 2100hrs

Monday, November 15th, 2004
8:40 am
I know...I know...
I know that I haven't been keeping this community up but not to worry! I think that there might acctually be time to update soon! Really! Now that the show is over and 'Laine's B-day is done I think that I might accually have a few minutes to do some updating.

Stay tuned for breaking news as it happens!

Saturday, October 23rd, 2004
8:13 pm
The Run: Part 2
Looking around, Ghost spies an upstairs window; the only problem is that there's no easy way to get up there - no drainpipes, trellises nothing. He shrugs and slings the shotgun across his back as he walks to under the window. Years of practice pays off as he manages to scale the sheer wall to beside the window. Smiling to himself he takes the pistol from his shoulder holster and uses it to try and smash the window. As the butt of the pistol contacts the glass he braces himself for the smash of broken glass only to have the impact knock him from his precarious perch and fall to the ground...hard. Lying on his pack he groans slightly as he looks up at the glass still intact in the window.

"You alright man?" Hamish asks from the front porch.

"I'm fine." is the curt reply as Ghost picks himself up and makes his way stiffly back to the front door.

"You going to be alright?" the tension in Jester's voice is palatable.

"I said I'm fine!" snapped Ghost.

"You, uh, want me to give it a shot, Ghost?" asks Hamish

"Fine. Knock yourself out." Ghost replied, very irritated at how a simple run was quickly disintegrating. Hamish makes his way to the wall and starts surveying the climb ahead. Meanwhile, Nathan decides to take it upon himself to do a little bit of reconnaissance. Using his almost unnatural ability to move almost silently and vanish seemingly into thin air, he slips away around the back of the house to make sure that no one gets away.

“Where the hell did Nathan go?” snapped Jester suddenly realizing that Nathan was nowhere to be seen. Becoming more and more agitated the longer the door was blocking the way, Ghost finally snaps.

“This is stupid.” He says as he readies the shotgun from his back and pumps a slug into the chamber. Taking aim at the door he pulled the trigger. The twelve gauge slug slams into the center of the door revealing the large steel bar holding it shut.

“That’ll work.” Ghost remarked with a grin. He looks to Jester, “What do you think?” Jester nods his agreement. Firing three more rounds into the door, Ghost widened the hole enough so that Hamish could get a hand in to lift the bar free.

“What’s going on? Is everything alright?” Nathan asks coming back around the side of the house. Jester just about jumps out of his skin and everyone trains their weapons on the blind runner.

“Where the hell did you go?” Jester hollers as he drops his pistols to his side. “You always tell your team what you’re doing. Every time, got it!”

“Uh, yeah. Ok.” Nathan replied softly.

“Good! Now you stay here and make sure Natasha stays safe. The rest of us are heading inside.” Jester looks to Natasha for approval who nods. Returning the nod, Jester winds up and kicks the now un-barred door straight off its hinges. Ghost leads the way into the front hall followed by Jester and Hamish. The hall is empty with a doorway leading into the living room in between an empty closet facing the door and a set of stairs winding up to the second floor. Jester Points first at Ghost then to the kitchen door indicating where he wanted him to search. Making his way carefully through the door, Ghost disappears around the door frame. Jester moves to the closet and starts knocking on the walls looking for any place that the house’s occupants could be hiding. Once he is finished the thurough sounding of the walls, he still seems suspicious. Taking the rod from its brackets in the closet he starts to bash holes in the drywall convinced that there must be something more to this small, unassuming closet. Behind him Hamish rolls his eyes and waits patiently for him to finish his assault on the closet.

Meanwhile, Ghost turns the corner from the hallway into what used to be the livingroom of the house. Food wrappers and other trash litters the floor and covers the battered couches. Strewn about the tables are bits and pieces of electronics relating to the construction of various explosives. Keeping an eye out for anything that might be a tripwire or a trap, he picked his way through the debris to the door on the other side leading into the kitchen. More packaging and half eaten soy products litter the counters and floor. Aside from the back door that is still locked and barred, there is only one door leading out of the kitchen. Ghost moved over to it and tried to turn the handle; locked.

Near silently he called up Jester using his radio’s implanted subvocal microphone, “Ghost here.”

“Go ahead.” is the reply.

“All clear in the living room and kitchen. Back door is still locked but there seems to be a locked pantry or something here in the kitchen.”

“Alright, Hamish and I will be right there as soon as we clear the second floor.”


Reaching the top of the stairs, Hamish and Jester find only two filthy bedrooms with no sign of people nor hiding places. They join Ghost in the kitchen by the locked door.

“So, what do you say?” Ghost asks. “Should I try shooting out the doorknob?”

“Sure.” said Jester as he trained both guns at the closed door. Ghost shoulders the shotgun and draws the pistol from it’s holster. After two rounds the doorknob is a twisted bit of scrap hanging from the door. Ghost reached for the remains of the doorknob and tried to pull the door open; it is still locked tight.

“Fuck it!” Ghost holsters the pistol and grabs the shotgun once more. Clicking the safety off he fires a round into the ruined handle which evaporates. Still the door will not open. Cursing he fires two rounds off at the hinges trying to simply remove the door from the wall. Between blasts there is a pounding from the inside.

“Wait!” Cries a thin voice, “Stop shooting, we’re coming out!”

The three of them back off. Through the door they hear the sound of not one, not two but four steel bars sliding away from the door and onto the ground. The door creaks open slightly before falling from its mangled hinges. A large orc stands in the doorway.

“Hands up!” Jester shouts. “Walk slowly towards me and then lie down on the floor.” His two pistols follow the orc into the kitchen and down to the floor. “Alright, next! Walk slowly out the door with your hands on your head!” A small, thin extremely scared human walks slowly out of the doorway on shaking legs.

“Don’t shoot man!” He cries, “Please…I…I’ve got your goods right here! Don’t kill me!”

Ghost grabs him by the shirt collar and puts his pistol to his temple. “Where’s the rest of them?” He asks.

“What do you mean?” Vin stammers.

”The rest, don’t mess with me man!” He draws the hammer back on the gun.

“Really, its only the two of us! Really!” he pleads. Looking back into the open doorway Ghost realized that the bolt hole really was only a converted pantry and there was no way that more people could be there.

“Um…never mind!” Ghost mutters quietly. Jester calls to Hamish.

“Tell Natasha that the area is secure.” Hamish nods and hurries out of the room. A moment later he, Natasha and Nathan pick there way into the kitchen. Natasha looks Vin up and down calmly.

“Well Vin, do you have what we came for?” She asks icily.

“They…they’re inside against the wall at the back.” She nods to Hamish who goes into the ruined pantry and carries out two stainless steel briefcases.

“I assume that both devices are in working order?” she raises one perfectly manicured eyebrow at Vin.

“Of course!” Vin cries, almost in tears.

“Well then,” she says, “I guess all we need to do is complete the transaction.” She places the briefcase that she has been holding on one of the counters and opens it up to reveal row upon row of certified credsticks. She picks up the first layer revealing a second layer underneath. Quickly counting the ones in her hand se places them onto the counter and closes the case. “I think that this should cover what we owed you; minus the…inconvenience that you caused us.” She eyes Vin coolly, waiting for him to protest.

“Completely!” Vin nods his head vigorously.

“Good.” Natasha turns and slowly walks out of the room, Nathan following close behind. Just outside the kitchen door she turns back to Jester who’s guns and attention has never left the orc lying on the floor. “Oh, and Jester” She asks lightly “kneecap that man for me, would you.” Then turns and leaves the room.

“You might want to back up” Jester tells Ghost who releases Vin’s collar and moves back a pace. Jester raises one gun up off the orc, quickly takes aim and shoots vin square in the knee. He screams incoherently and falls to the ground clutching his leg and writhing in pain. The orc growls at him from the floor. Jester goes down on one knee beside the orc, places one barrel against his head and whispers quietly into he ear, “I have seen more and done more than you ever will. Scarier people have dies before me, I wouldn’t even blink as I splattered you across this floor. When I leave here, I won’t ever see you again. Either you will be dead or you will make yourself disappear.” He presses the gun harder into his head and hisses, “You understand?” The orc falls silent.

“Lets go.” Jester stands and leaves the kitchen. Hamish follows and Ghost backs out of the room keeping his gun aimed at the orc until he has backed out into the hall. Once everyone is outside, Jester stops for a moment and props the front door back up in its ruined frame before joining everyone in the SUV. Natasha turns arround in the front seat to look as Jester.

"I meant the orc." she says with just a hint of amusement. Jester pauses a moment the shrugs. The flicker of a smile flashes accross Natasha's face.

The rest of the night went according to plan. A quick stop off at the warehouse to change clothes and vehicles then on to the meeting with the buyers. Smooth, simple – totally unlike the rest of the evening. Once the exchange was done and everyone was standing outside limo was parked in the warehouse Natasha reaches into her coat and pulls out a credstick.

“500 newyen as agreed.” She hands the stick to jester and steps into he waiting limo. “Good job everyone, I’m glad everything turned out in the end.” She nods at Jester. “Until next time…” she cuts herself off by closing the limo’s door. It pulls away smoothly leaving our company in the dark warehouse where Jester divides up the pay.
Wednesday, October 20th, 2004
10:21 pm
The Run: Part 1
Saturday September 20th, 2061

Evening falls over Auburn. Jester walks up to the warehouse at about quarter to eight and awaits the arrival of the rest of the crew. Shortly thereafter Hamish shows up and surveys the warehouse. The SUV sits in the middle of the floor next to a very expensive, very dark limousine. Both of them get into the back where Natasha is waiting. As eight o'clock arrives - and passes - Jester starts to twitch. Pulling out his cell phone he calls Ghost and Nathan who are just pulling into the garage. A short, but terse conversation ensues between Jester and Ghost regarding punctuality. No one gets shot and everyone piles into the limo to get the final briefing from Natasha.

Zero hour arrives and everyone jumps into the SUV. ON the drive to the meeting everyone is wound tighter than a guitar string. Jester checks and re-checks his paired Predator handguns, Ghost loads and checks the brand new shotgun he picked up that day (c'mon...the boss said that this was mostly for show - a shotgun really says you aren't messing around...right?).

Naturally, the meeting place turns out to be a junkyard. Great! Only the best place in the world to stage an ambush! Everyone starts out on high alert. Ghost and Jester get out and take up defensive positions to either side of the SUV while Hamish takes the rear and Nathan stays with Natasha inside. Any they wait. And wait. Jester twitches...and waits. After the meeting time has passed by an hour Natasha decides to call Vin, our customer. Turns out that Vin has had a change of heart and wishes to renegotiate the terms of the deal. Bad choice, Natasha - and for that matter The Company - does not take well to people jerking them around and decides to take the party to Vin.

Ahhh the slippery slope from bad to worse...

After a quick trip around Vin's block its time to go to work. Honestly, the junkyard would be a step up from this place. Deep in the heard of Seattle’s Slum district there are rusting hulks scattered in the street and drifts of refuse piles against every surface. Walking up to the door, Natasha explains that Vin is an explosives expert that The Company deals with. Great. Nothing like a good explosive booby-trap to end an evening! Natasha turns to Jester, "Jester, knock on the door please." Jester pounds his fist into the door.

"What!" a deep grunt issues from behind the door.

"It's Natasha. I'm here to talk to Vin." There is a rumble of conversation from behind the door. A moment later, the door creaks open to stop at the end of a single security chain. A very large, very ugly orc peers out the crack.

"Alright, we'll let you in but your goons have to wait outside!" He eyes the rest of the party suspiciously. Behind Natasha, the tension rises dramatically, both Ghost and Jeter shake their heads. The Orc closes the door and the rumble of conversation is heard again through the door. Again, the door cracks open. "We'll take you," the orc nods towards Natasha, "and one of your boys. That’s it!"

"Thank you. I need a moment to confer with my associates." Natasha replies icily as she pulls the door closed on the orc. Once the door is closed she turns to Jester. "I want you to kick that door in the next time it opens." He nods and draws both pistols as Hamish draws his, Ghost chambers a shotgun round and Nathan snaps out his batons. Unfortunately, nobody noticed the small, dark eyehole staring out from the door. The sound of a very heavy, very solid bar being dropped behind the door cascades over the party. There is an almost universal sigh from the battle ready group. Hamish holsters his weapon and turns to Natasha.

"Do you have any gum?"

Natasha raises an eyebrow, "I'm sorry, I don't think this is the proper time for snaking!"

"No, no. I need something to cover that peephole!" Hamish explains.

"I think I might have some back in the truck, I left my purse there."

"Thanks!" Hamish starts to walk back to the SUV. He only gets a few steps before Jester very calmly places the barrel of his pistol up to the peephole and pulls the trigger. The peephole evaporates in a mist of powdered dust, a much larger hole in the door replaces it. A sharp exclamation and running footsteps receded from the door and end in the dull clang of a heavy door being slammed. Hamish shrugs and turns back to the door.

Stay tuned! More to come but for now, I have to sleep - I think that I'm coming down with something. I'll try and get the rest done tomorrow.
Wednesday, October 6th, 2004
8:31 am
Game On!
As we begin our little adventure the characters have all received an invitation to try out for a large organization called The Company. It is essentially a large fixer operation - if you need it and have the creds, they can get it done.

The cast of thousands:

Jester - a high strung elf who has seen it all and lived to tell about it. He is a world weary Shadowrunner with more experiences in his little finger than most runners have in a lifetime. He gets the job done, but stay out of his way if he's on the clock - he doesn't have the patience to deal with irritations on the job.

Nathan - Also and elf, he has lost his sight to a severe injury a number of years ago and has since dedicated his life to the martial arts. Through these mystic arts he has managed to see the world again through the astral plane. Currently down on his luck and living in Seattle's slums he has been offered a chance at earning a living by working for the Company.

Hamish - A straight and narrow type with a lengthy resume working as a Corp. Security officer. Upon first glance he seems to be a very professional person in his non-descript suit and clean-cut appearance but there must be something else there lurking under the surface or why would he have left the comfort of the corporations?

Ghost - Cocky, arrogent, self assured. He is a man who knows that he is as good as he makes out. More suited to infiltrating hardened targets or being the hand of God from above - with a little help from a rather large sniper rifle - than face to face gunfights or brawls he can disappear in an instant or crack the security of even the tightest Corp. stronghold. Or so he thinks...

Our characters meet at an abandoned warehouse in the industrial district of Auburn. After a brief meeting with their contact Monster, they have agreed to a probationary run the next evening. It seems like it should be no big issue - make a pickup at a suburban location and then deliver it to a location downtown. No problem, right? Mostly the crew is there to make a good impression on the supplier just to make sure that they stay in line and of course to protect the cargo and the VIP's at the delivery. No problems are expected but hey, who knows really?

After the meeting broke up Ghost and Nathan take a ride back to Ghost's place and manage to get Nathan cleaned up and fed. He accepted Ghost's offer of a place to stay and for the mean time is living on Ghost's couch.

The day of the run dawns and everyone does their own thing until the meeting time back at he warehouse at 6:00pm. Jester has left strict instructions to be there early - lateness will not be tolerated. This is their first and only shot at making it into The Company; there are no second chances.
8:29 am
So It began...
Here we are folks! As I said last night, I have set up the community for our little campaign. Hope you all enjoy it!
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